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Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man


Tonight was a night of good experiences (this off broadway show) as well as some, uh, how can I say this, uhm, well, some less than satisfying experiences (dinner at Meson Sevilla, review coming soon). However, overall I have to say that I had a nice Monday off from work with my lovely and beautiful, wife.

nyctalking love

So yeah, we went down to the city to workout at Equinox, eat dinner, and to catch this book gone off Broadway show! My wife wasn’t feeling very well, and she was contemplating skipping the show (which means we both skip the show cause I ain’t sending her home alone, duh) but she opted to go see it and 30 seconds into it, I think she was very happy with her decision to attend! This show is legit, it may be “small” compared to a Lion King, but it’s, uhm, BIG in other ways if you are catching my drift. Eh? Eh? That was a penis joke, in case you missed it. The theater use, the lights, the music, everything was top notch. I was extremely impressed with the show and the actors. Think of it this way, I still can’t tell if the main actor, Jason, is really gay or just acting!

The word that keeps popping into my head as I think about this show is “phenomenal.” The show was simply phenomenal, and if you don’t care to read the rest of this review, just take my word for it, phenomenal, and go see the show!

My mind is all over the place with this one so I’m not even sure how to begin. “Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man” is a book that was written for, well, exactly what the title of the book says! You still don’t get it? Get with the program people! It’s a book giving straight women advice on how to get and please a man. The book was adapted for this 2 man and 1 woman show, and though I have not read the book yet, I’m not sure that I am supposed to actually read it because I’m not a straight woman. However, I think they did a great job in adapting the book to a show.

The show begins with a gentleman that works lights and sounds for a fictitious lecture hall. The man comes out and in an accent I couldn’t identify he gives us the usual spiel about no phones, etc. However, I can already tell by his accent and his interaction that he is much more than just a light and sound guy! He’s also very physically fit and quite attractive, I know you don’t throw eye candy like that behind the scenes! So he comes out and introduces the original lecturer, who is actually being replaced by Robyn, because she died.


Robyn is a, uhm, well, reserved, homely looking woman (pictured below) who is expecting to host some boring type of book lecture or what not. Now, as you can tell from the picture below, she’s not actually homely, she’s a beautiful woman. However, for the purposes of this show, in the beginning she’s meant not be all that appealing. Though I would take either version of her, and I love those nerdy glasses! I’m the original nerd lover, before it was cool or trendy. Nowadays you have all these wannabe nerd lovers out there, posers! So yeah, I’m digging her look, oh yeah! Giggity!


Given what we know about Robyn so far, you can imagine her great surprise when “Dan,” the gay author of this book comes out from behind the audience to some really fun music, and begins to greet everyone with his fabulous personality. I don’t think Robyn was expecting an author like Dan, if you know what I’m saying! This man came out and set it off right from the gate! High energy, super spunky, and getting right down to business! The boy doesn’t play, and he wastes no time at all taking Robyn out of her many layers of clothing and making her put on something a little more seductive!


The hilarity continues from there on! Dan gives the audience, as well as Robyn some great tips on how to make their male partners happy! He also displays some techniques on what he feels are good ways to turn on a man through foreplay. To illustrate the points he is teaching, Dan encourages and invites audience participation. There are several bits throughout the show where a few participants are chosen to take part in the show, and others where we actually get covered in confetti, and all sorts of cool stuff.

The content being taught is pretty useful stuff, and though I’m personally not interested in pleasuring a man, I am a man and definitely interested in the information because it gives me new ways to receive pleasure! Hey!!! I’m not being selfish, if they are distributing the info, then I’m absorbing it, and so is my wife! Haha! Besides, they were treated to some accent having, abs sporting, booty popping male strip tease action, so I think I deserve to get something out of it as well! LOL..

This was a very entertaining show, one of the best off broadway productions I have seen, and I highly encourage that you check it out! 

For tickets and more information about the show, check out Sex Tips The Play online by clicking right here! Check out the youtube video below for a sneak peak at the show!

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6 years ago

@JMSPinafore hope you enjoy. please share with your team!

6 years ago

@SexTipsPlay hope you guys enjoy!

Jaizen Agnes Aguilar
6 years ago

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[…] watching Sex tips for straight women from a gay man, the wife and myself wanted to grab a quick dinner in the area. Our plan was to have Bareburger, […]

6 years ago

Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man #show #offbroadway #broadway #play #theater #gay #straight #woman #advice

6 years ago

Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man

6 years ago

Sextipsplay!Great show! #play #show #offbroadway #broadway @broadwayworld #mustsee #gay #straight #comedy #nyctalking

6 years ago

RT @SexTipsPlay: How could we not LOVE this, and you?! Amazing review! RT : @SexTipsPlay hope you guys enjoy!…

6 years ago

How could we not LOVE this, and you?! Amazing review! RT : @SexTipsPlay hope you guys enjoy!

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