The Amazing Spider Man 2

I don’t know about you guys, but I liked the Toby Maguire Spider Man films just fine. I thought he was a great Spidey.


That being said, Andrew Garfield is doing an amazing job in this new reboot of the series. The story line is quite different, and honestly, I couldn’t tell you which version is accurate since I never really read the comics.


Speaking of which, if anyone knows where I can find the comics, in a novel format so that I can learn the real stories of these Superheros, I’d be very grateful for that information.

Before the spoilers begin, I’ll just put my final analysis here. I’m not going to tell you guys everything about the film, let it suffice that the movie is awesome and totally worth the ticket price. My son and I both enjoyed it, one of the best films we have seen in a while.

So yes, I have enjoyed both recent Spidey franchises. Although I’m going to say, I am so in love with Emma Stone after her portrayal of Gwen Stacy in the film. *Spoilers begin now* Yesterday I spent the train ride back from the theatre debating with my son if her tough stubborness is what actually got her killed. I was terribly upset that she died, and I wanted to place blame! I know; they are following the comics, but man! I love her!


See, I was saying that if she didn’t show up at that final battle, she probably would not have died, but without her there, Spider Man may not have been able to defeat Electro. So what’s the deal? This is one of those things where you have no choice but to sacrifice the one person for the greater good. I get that, but I was terribly upset that they killed Gwen. Damn you Stan Lee! Why don’t you ever get killed during one of your cameos man? Why did you kill Stacy for?

Okay, enough of that, this film was phenomenal. My son watched it for the second-time yesterday, and he still wants to see it again. “Pops, when does it come out on DVD?” I have to agree; the film was extremely exciting and action packed. I really enjoyed it. In this film, you get to meet several villains, and they actually set the stage for the Sinister Six to come in during the next movie. We met Electro, the Green Goblin, and Rhino. I also take issue with this by the way. Why does Spider Man have to fight all these super villains by himself? It seems unfair to me, he needs some superheros to help a brother out. Where are the Avengers?

On a side note, on the way out of the theatre I heard some comic fans cursing and pissed off because Rhino was in a mechanical suit.


Apparently, that’s not the way it is in the comic, but like I said, I’ve never followed the comics. During the scene when Rhino is introduced, Spider Man is kind of out of the scene. Like the rest of us, he was pretty depressed because Gwen Stacy died. We all took it kind of hard. So a little kid whom he had met earlier in the film was wearing a Spidey costume, and he got in the path between Rhino and the police. Man, writing about that scene makes me choked up, the little kid puts on a Spider Man mask and everything.

spidey and kid

The bravery and heart displayed by this young child is just too much. It’s so cool when Spidey eventually shows up and tells the kid, “Do you mind if I take over?” Tears will be shed! Then Spidey takes the megaphone and says, “On behalf of the people of this city, and natural rhinos everywhere, please put your hands up.” It was hilarious!

Electro is a pretty sad case. He’s just a nerdie guy who wants to be acknowledged. Oscorp screws him; no one notices him, and he seems to be very emotionally unstable. He has an accident where he ends up becoming this powerful electric based guy.


Pretty cool actually. However, his psychological issues really make him a very dangerous electro person. At one point, him and Spider Man are actually talking, and he seems receptive to engaging in conversation. But then because of the cameras, and overzealous police officers, he loses it and all hell breaks lose.


Harry Osborne is a spoiled brat. He’s used to getting way, and he wants Spider Man’s blood in order to survive an illness that is taking over his body. I’m not a big fan of the Green Goblin, never really cared for that character. I enjoyed Electro much more than I did the Gobster. Though, the main villain in the series is Green Goblin.


This film also shows us the reality of dating a superhero. Spidey and Gwen have a turbulent on and off relationship. At one point, she’s about to leave to England, but Peter stops her and says he’s going to go with her. That’s when stuff hits the fan. Then she dies. Good job Parker, good job.

Okay, I’m done, go watch the movie, it’s great. Bring tissue paper. Tears will be shed.

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