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Most of us have been exposed in some form or other to the fashion and modeling community. Runways, outrageous outfits, women as thin as my fingers, and lots of attitude.  The modeling industry, much like the music industry is a brutal profession the likes which could rival any Roman era documentary! I personally know many individuals that have fallen victim to the predators that make up this industry.  Promises of glamorous head shots, an amazing portfolio, opportunities modeling for the Gap, and many other popular urban style outfitters are among the many pitches. Expensive pitches, expensive recurring pitches!

My little sister wanted to try out this one agency. She approached me about it and I offered to pay the $50 for it, we also agreed that I’d go with her to the interviews. She really wanted to do this and my line of reasoning was “If it costs me $50 to make my sister happy and let her see for herself how nasty this business can be, while under my protection, it’s worth it”.

Lets say the whole experience felt like we were meeting some pimp and looking to sell her off. I didn’t like it at all, and it is safe to say that the pimp didn’t like me and my matter of fact “are you trying to whore out my sister” line of questioning. Those of you that know me know that I don’t play around. I put this guy through the grinder.

So she attended a few of their programs, wasn’t very impressed, and then they started asking for more money to attend some summer program or whatever. When I approached them and reminded them that they said “no further costs”, their answers did not convince me that they really were interested in my sister for her talent. It all sounded like bs to me so we took the lesson and dropped the company.

Have you noticed that for some “odd reason” we all have that “look” that the industry needs and we are perfect for “brand xyz”. It’s not only until many dollars later that you will usually find out that these people are full caca. Maybe it is a friend that tells you that they were told the same exact thing! Maybe it is the sexual advance from the dirty photographer that promises you special treatment. Maybe in time you realize that they are not doing crap for you? Whatever the case may be, we all eventually realize that we are being played.

Enter our new friends from Model Mutiny. With headquarters operating out of Sin City, CEO Steve Michael Hardy brings a different philosophy to the table.  I had the pleasure of meeting the head of public relations for the East Coast, April Holland during our appearance on Rendezvous with Alysia on MadhouseTV. I also had the pleasure of meeting two of their beautiful Deadly 7 models, Jessica Anne Kresge and Brittney Haren. Let’s not forget the lovely Shelly Montgomery who works with the ladies in a makeup and beauty capacity. Though I will say that none of these women require much assistance in that area! HELLO MUTINY!

I bet you are wondering what the Deadly 7 is! Did you think I was going to move on without talking about that? The Deadly 7 are the face of Model Mutiny, 7 models picked for their persona as opposed to their looks or style. April told me that the way these ladies were chosen for an interview was based off of a questionnaire that they filled out. Rather than looking at pictures, she said that they opted to read what was in their hearts first. Based off of that they chose who they would meet and interview.

During our chat in the green room April introduced a new term to me, she described what they do as “alternative modeling”.

“We are an agency that wants to show a different type of model. We want to show you women that don’t fit the current stigma of model. Beauty is not just a waif model, etc. We have models that actually have a body, some will have piercings, some have ink, different hair color and so on”.

April must have read the question in my eyes because she immediately said to me “We protect our models, unlike many agencies out there that exploit and take advantage of the ladies.” I nodded, this is great to hear, because as you read before, this industry is a beast. April appears to be quite skilled at reading people, you better be careful around her! Hahah.

When I asked April what exactly these guys do and what their website and upcoming magazine “The Revolution Magazine” was about she said that they will feature music artists, models, fashion and much more.  If you want to learn more about Model Mutiny check out their website here. You will find details on their upcoming magazine launch, how to become one of their Deadly 7 models and much more.

model mutiny arodomus

It was a pleasure meeting and performing with these lovely ladies.

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Thanks Angel! Much appreciated!

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Spotlight on Model Mutiny via @arodomus


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Spotlight on Model Mutiny


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