The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing

While I overall enjoyed this comic, it really was all over the place with lots going on to the point where it became a little hard to keep track of everything. I was confused.

I like the Joker and started reading this a long time ago. I exceeded the rate at which they put out comics, so I had to wait a long time for the next issues. Time passed by and I forgot all about it. I came across it a few days ago and decided to start it all over.

In a nutshell, the Joker is doing Joker things, and then another Joker comes along and starts to also do Joker things. He looks like the Joker, but there is only one joker? Huh?

It becomes a wild goose chase where every one is chasing the Jokers and meanwhile, in typical joker fashion, the Jokers kill everyone.

Despite this series being kind of nuts and all over the place, I totally enjoyed the comic. I think if it is done correctly, this could be a phenomenal movie. Just a thought.

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