It's been far too long

After several decades in prison, he was finally being paroled. She knew he was innocent all along, and she supported him at each and every trial. However, the jury had it out for him, there was nothing she could do. The years passed, and passed. It’s been far too long.

He saw her from afar, he resisted the urge to run to her and shower her with kisses. It’s been far too long. He carefully walked and met her halfway. He held out his arms and they hugged gently. He held her with some reservation, his body was overflowing with emotion and he didn’t want to spill all over her as they were in a public venue. It’s been far too long.

He invited her to sit beside him, and they began to share words. They shared some stories, updated one another, all the while he was mesmerized by her beauty. As he looked into her smiling eyes, a flood of emotions and memories flowed freely through his mind. He remembered that tender look, yes, he remembers. He couldn’t place the exact moment, but he accessed the long gone memory. He remembered that look, that tender, delicious look. It’s been far too long.

He studied her, he tried to take her in, he wanted to live in this moment. This rare moment of bliss and utter pleasure. Being in her presence gave him breath, he felt alive, excited, taken, sad, happy, all at once. It’s been far too long.

It was brief, but he savored every minute. He purposely looked at her. He asked to study her face, and take her in. She said “If you want to learn my face, learn it in all it’s imperfection.” She showed him all of her face features, from the cute birthmark on the right side of her lip, to her nose. She shared cute stories about birthmarks. Then he said what his heart and mind were screaming: “Have I ever told you how beautiful you are? Because you really are. I’m swooning right now.” She smiled in her humility, and attempted self deprecating humor. But, he was having none of that, he was in a trance. Those beautiful eyes, that lovely smile, everything about her captivated him. It’s been far too long.

He asked her to share a special moment with him, to create a memory together, and so they did. They were quiet, in the moment, creating that memory.

Then the time came, they had to once again part ways. It was expected, but abruptly maddening. He was lost once again, but he knew that she must go, she didn’t belong with him. As they walked, he controlled himself, and kept his composure. He hates saying goodbye, but he’s become good at it. He hugged her, kissed her on the cheek, and bid her farewell. With one final look, he takes her in for the last time, takes a deep breath, and walks away while fighting back the tears. It’s been far too long.

Perhaps next time they won’t be saying: It’s been far too long.

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