TruthNutra Testro-X and Redwood Review

Sometime ago I began looking into natural ways to increase my testosterone as I am getting up in the years. I had put up a Facebook post inquiring about products, foods, training, and anything else that I may be able to do to naturally increase my testosterone. My doctor had suggested that I look into testosterone replacement therapy, and a few fitness experts I follow swear by it. However, I don’t want to do that, I really want to make my own body do it naturally.

In any case, one of my friends put me on to Chris Walker and his truthnutra family of products. I researched his work and the guy really seemed to know his stuff. I decided to purchase a few of their products. I picked up some L-Carnitine, Testro-X and Redwood. The focus of this write up will be the last two products as they were supposed to have a more tangible effect.

Redwood is supposed to increase nitric oxide, the major effects from that being some harder man wood (if you know what I mean) among other things. Now this is not to say that I have problems getting or maintaining an erection, but taking this product, I didn’t feel like a 21 year old again. I still felt like an older 41 year old man. I didn’t notice any change in my physique, energy, pumps, etc. I took it for several months and nada!

Testro-X on the other hand was supposed to help increase my testosterone naturally. Chris painted a good picture about all the components listed, and my research indicated that there was some truth to that. However, the end result was the same. I didn’t feel any different in any capacity. My energy, sexual or otherwise didn’t increase or change in any way shape or form. None of the benefits that have been mentioned with increased testosterone were encountered. I felt exactly the same.

I considered adding floracil, but that felt like simply throwing more money into an investment that wasn’t yielding any returns. Also, I do have another flora product already, so I just took that one. I’m not sure exactly what would happen if these products worked, but I know that I didn’t notice any difference in my body from taking them. The one thing I will say is that it didn’t make me sick or give me a migraine headache like some other products have, so there’s that. Also, though they didn’t do anything for me, their reps are very professional and responsive.

Truthnutra claims that they have a full money back guarantee, but as always READ THE FINE PRINT! Which I didn’t because I believed all that Chris was saying and didn’t expect to return it, he’s very convincing and really does seem to know his stuff. In fact, I don’t doubt that he does know his stuff, which is why I was surprised to see no results. Truthnutra reps all stated that they have heard the opposite from their customers. I still have a few bottles, and I may give it another go, I’m still unsure if I should.

For some reason, I really thought this product line would work for me. Most of my research over the years has indicated that many supplements are basically snake oil being peddled by good salesmen in an area where most of us are very vulnerable, fitness and health. Chris seems so convincing that I bought a few bottles at once. This was a mistake, I spent nearly $200 prior to determining whether the products worked for me.

My advice is the same as with any product, proceed with caution. If you are going to buy any products and expect your money back you must ask for it within 60 days of purchase! In their defense, I was notified that I waited over 6 months to reach out. I can’t blame them for that, the supervisor asked me to name any one store that would have taken a product return 6 months later, the only one I could think of is Bose and Rockport. LOL. So yeah, that’s a valid point, and in fairness I have to point that out here. I’ll also add, it is possible that I am just an anomaly and this may work for you? I don’t know, but I can only speak for my own experience. My experience did not yield any results.

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