Vomit while training

Did you ever vomit while training? I did! Some years ago I tried to get in shape again. I hired a personal trainer at Equinox by the name of Tom Ram. We worked really hard for a few months and then I once again lost my way.

During every session with Tom, midway through I had to step away. The first few times he seemed surprised, but after awhile he’d just say, “Are you ready to puke?” I’d say yes, step away for a few minutes and vomit up whatever remained of my lunch.

Even in my terribly out of shape days, when I did train, I pushed really hard. If you take a casual approach to training you will not get amazing results. If you want amazing output you have to put forth amazing input.

As I returned to training after several weeks off due to being sick, I almost vomited. I pushed myself really hard and nearly reached that point, but my body was strong enough to endure the workout and not puke.

I’m not saying that you need to vomit when training, but I’m saying that if you want results, at least make a damned effort when you do train. Maximum effort will yield maximum results! I watch my participants in class, and the ones who complain the most about no results are the ones who put forth the least amount of effort. That’s not a coincidence! I try to make the point about intensity while in class, but until you want to do it, nothing that I or anyone else says will help. I lead through example, now its on you to follow.

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