Business Review – Fuerza Bruta

I was running a bit late, so I took the E train. Long ways from the
theatre, but I walked it out. I went to the box office with my wife
and picked up my complimentary YELP tickets. (Thank you very much.)

After utilizing the men’s room I linked up with my wife and a few
fellow friends. I also met some new friends and saw a few other
familiar faces.

You are ushered into a room and you all stand there in a group. They
provide you some simple instructions in so far as to the show protocol
and what you are to do.

You are instructed that you will be required to move from time to
time, and of course no photography, soft touching of props, etc.

Then silence. Out of nowhere in comes a gentleman and hollers:


*crickets* Total silence…



I thought to myself “what the hey is going on here, why is there no
chanting?” So I screamed:


Again, complete silence, everyone looks in my direction in shock,
awkward turtle time. So I scream out loud again:


Again, silence, more weird looks. Now begins the show. How’s that for
an introduction!

(Apparently some of the friends didn’t hear him welcoming us, but they sure as hey heard me screaming. Lol)

This show is absolutely amazing! I was so excited to write this
review! Amazing! I totally cannot believe that I hadn’t seen this show
on my own yet. I am actually considering seeing it again, it was
sooooo good.

It begins with a man walking on a threadmill like device. Picking up
speed little by little. Eventually he goes to a full run, as he runs
walls come towards him and he continues running. The wind starts to
blow, debris comes at him, sprinkles, rain, and he keeps running. Then bang! The man is shot.

He drops, pauses, lays on one knee for sometime, eventually he rises, takes off the bloodied shirt, has a clean one underneath and starts to walk, and eventually run again.

At one point they show the man lay down to sleep, then you see an
amazing arial performance while he sleeps. The symbolism of what is happening to the running man is so indicative of the struggles we have in life. I hadn’t seen it clearly until a fellow yelper explained her interpretation. Amazing.

The running man comes out a few more times throughout the show,
towards the end he’s running with friends and helping each other run
forward. It is so powerful, I loved it.

At one point they lowered the ceiling and a water filled surface was
above us. 4 women come out, jump across the surface, glide, spin, and do all kinds of awesome stuff up there.

This portion was amazingly erotic and sensual, really, really hot. We
were amazed at how one of the ladies had kept perfect makeup even
while burying her face in the water. She was breathtakingly beautiful.

At one point one of my friends looked at his watch to check the time.
One of the performers saw this, while she was gliding across. She came right above us, motioned to her wrist and said something along the lines of “what are you doing!” That was hilarious! Way to go “G”.

After the wrist watch fiasco the female looks at me and my wife, she signals for her to give her five. So I pick her up and she touches the plastic above us. It was pretty cool.

At one point during the show the ask everyone in the audience to kneel down, we all assume something is going to fly above us or what not. But moments later they raise the music and invite us to rise up and jump up. It was really cool. The music was like club dance music, and you actually feel like you are in a club, standing around and stuff. You don’t get to sit here.

I highly recommend coming to this show, I got in through Yelp, but had I known how awesome the show would be I would have gone long ago. I intend to come watch it again. The things going on cannot be captured in one showing. I really want to experience it again.

Thanks to Yelp for treating me to this amazing show. As a show of gratitude I was the ONLY person screaming and “Yelping” when they welcomed the friends. See I do you guys proud.

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