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Today was my belated bachelor party, so we went to this venue to celebrate yours truly. It’s a relatively large space, but that’s probably a Queens thing. Cheaper space, etc. Do take note that there is an admission fee of $10.

Now I’m not a person that frequents “adult entertainment” places, it’s
just not my thing. But when I do go I need to drink. I feel
terribly uncomfortable in the environment. I can’t even look at the
girls in the eyes sober, I tried. I end up looking down in shyness and shame.

Growing up I was raised to respect and value women. Seeing a naked woman that is not with me in private feels very disrespectful and wrong. I mean no offense to any strippers out there (it’s a living, and I dig it), but personally I’m just too embarrassed to be up in there sober. Just can’t do it.

So yes I drank! As I started writing this that night I was hungover and fighting a nasty headache. I don’t understand how that happened though, I had 1 drink before arriving and I only had 3 drinks at the club. Grey Goose and OJ which I’ve been drinking regularly with no issue. Hmmm. $11 per drink plus tip. The drinks were over juiced, over iced and not strong at all, so how did I end up so messed up? Makes no sense.

If you are into strip clubs, I guess this place is ok. Typical place, the girls dance on stage, then circle the bar for singles and tips. They then come out among the “audience” and ask you for a dance. Personally I’m not a fan of a massive bouncer standing across from me, watching me while a female is sexy dancing for me, sober or not. $20 will get you about 2 minutes or so at best. I felt the lap dance was terribly short and I felt kind of cheated. Weak sauce.

They do have “private rooms”, where you can get a 30 or so minute dance for $160. That was cool, slightly more comfortable than having the guy in your face, even though you know he’s right outside the room and they have cameras monitoring the room for any “special favors” which are not allowed at these places, I think? So no funny business fellas. Keep it clean! Word!

My boys told me, “ARod you get 1 long session which we’ll all chip in for, pick your girl wisely”. They joked about how I married an Asian female, so maybe I should try a different race for the long private dance. I agreed. Mind you, ALL the guys there, were Asian, except me. That was a funny site. The token non-Asian guy was the bachelor.

A few moments later I locked eyes with this Asian female on stage. Shortly thereafter she came and offered a dance. I paid the $20, got my 2 minutes and the decision for the long dance was made. Hahahah.

My friend said “Dude, what just happened, how’d you end up with an Asian chick? I thought you were venturing out”. Hahaha. Sorry, I got a dance from a redhead and I felt cheated at the damn short freaking lap dance. This girl’s dance was much better, and I pointed out that she was from Kazakhstan, spoke Russian, had a Russian accent, thereby she not Asian, so I held my end, though she looked very Asian. You know the borders over there, etc. It was hilarious. Anyway, that’s all I’ll reveal as I don’t want to incriminate myself any further.

After some time at the club, most of the guys were ready to go, so I called it as well. Turns out they wanted to head to the city for karaoke. I tagged along, but the frequent stop and go of NY driving was really messing me up. Rather than vomiting all over my friends nice Lexus, I asked to be let off at the nearest train station, 2nd avenue in Manhattan. Over an hour later I was at home drinking my 2 gatorades and eating a honey bun.

Thanks for the dance boys. Much appreciated. If the owners are reading this, then take note that the 4 star rating is due to Aida, otherwise it would be a 3 star which is my default score for “normal” places. She made the experience a little better.

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