Your Animal Personality

We all have our nature, and it’s never cut and dry. I had one friend say that when it came to animals, that I reminded her of a bear. Big, bulky, slow appearing, doesn’t bother anyone, but has the capacity to do some real damage is provoked. Bears stay in the woods, and generally stay away from humans, but on occasion they come out and rummage through your pantry. That’s me! Lock your pantry!


I tend to agree that in life, generally, I am probably like that bear. But as I mentioned, it’s not just cut and dry. There is more to us than any one element. Though I may be bear like in general, I also have those wolf tendencies. Granted, they only manifest themselves on certain matters, and generally I’m like the guy on the left, but just because he’s wearing that tux, doesn’t mean he stops being a wolf.

The point is that you should never underestimate, or sleep on someone who you think is tame or docile. You might think that this presents a perfect opportunity to take advantage, step on, or abuse someone. But when that bow tie comes off, or those bear claws come out, you may be in for a rude awakening!


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