7 year old arrested and handcuffed in the Bronx!

A 7 year old boy was arrested in the South Bronx for allegedly punching a 9 year old boy in the face and robbing him for $5. Police took the kid down to the precinct and kept him there for several hours. Now mama bear is claiming that she is going to sue the NYPD for $250 million! Seriously? Mama bear, I get that you are trying to protect your kid, but perhaps you should be focusing on teaching him the value of doing the right thing. How do you think it begins? $5 now, a car later, then what? A bank? A life?

This brings me to my next question, many people have come out in defense of this kid. “How dare they do this to a little boy, it’s so wrong”, blah blah blah. Let me ask you something, what’s the cutoff age for making someone a criminal or just a kid? At what age does the kid count as a criminal? Or is it based on who it happens to you? If your kid was the 9 year old that got robbed, would it count then?

Many people say that if this happened in a rich area that the kid would have not been treated this way.  I hate to admit it, but I have to agree. The cops would be afraid that the parent’s high powered lawyers could cost them their jobs, but in the Bronx? They are not scared.  Part of me believes that. But, all the same, the kid needs the lesson, it could save his life.

Now in regards to the kid being treated like a criminal, I think it may be necessary. I equate this to a little dog biting you and people thinking it’s cute, when in fact it’s the same as a big dog biting you. Except that the damage is less because of it’s size and it simply can’t hurt you as bad. However the intent and the action is the same. Unlike little ankle biter dogs, this kid WILL grow up, and then it won’t be so cute. So the consequences should be the same and lessons should be taught.

There is a small part of me that feels that perhaps this was a bit of overkill on the behalf of the officers, but that’s a very small part of me. The other part feels that the little punk needs to have the crap scared out of him so that he learns his lesson.

His mother has no right to sue, if she pursues a lawsuit, then as the NYPD I’d pursue the maximum charges against the little criminal to teach them all a lesson. I know my view is harsh, but these kids can become a real danger to society if they go unchecked, since it seems mama bear is not doing the job, I’m ok with the NYPD doing it.

Original article on this story here.

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Lesley Dupont
7 years ago

lock him up :-0

Thuy Yau
7 years ago

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Mary Jo Ognibene
7 years ago

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Martha Thompson
7 years ago

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