Border Patrol Agents Boarding Greyhound Buses

Okay folks, here’s the nitty gritty of this thing, Border Patrol agents have been exceedingly behaving like assholes lately. Be it because they have been provided the directive or are simply feeling “uppity” since we are “Making America Great Again.” Whatever the case may be, I’m not liking this one bit. I’ve always supported our law enforcement agencies, including border patrol agents. However, this right here is crossing the line and a violation of our rights.

There is a story about a woman who was on her way to Vegas from Cali and the Greyhound bus driver said, “We are being boarded by border patrol, be prepared to show documentation.” Ms Tiana Smalls protested and stated that this was a violation of their 4th amendment rights. She said it in English and then translated it to Spanish.

According the ACLU border patrol agents can basically fuck with you at any point if you are within 100 miles of a U.S border. However, on this day, on this bus, they were not and Ms Smalls made that abundantly clear. So much so that the border patrol agents told the driver to continue.

By law a Greyhound bus is considered a private establishment as a ticket is required to board. As such, border patrol agents can’t simply stop them and search passengers for “documentation.” Especially when they are well beyond their jurisdiction.

Look guys, I know you have a tough job, a job that I respect and value very much. However, you are not above the law and you need to stop harassing people without just cause. If you keep that shit up, you are going to turn many people against you. That’s including folks like me who have always supported you guys. We are at a crossroads in this country, and I know you have a job to do, along with ICE, but that job isn’t above the law, and you don’t have to be a bunch of fucking assholes in the process. Get your shit together border patrol!

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