Bronx Girls Club Gave A Second Chance To A Victim Of The Streets

I attended The Girls Club during a particularly turbulent time in my life. The period was a crossroad of sorts. I went in for a job program after I dropped out of high school due to the repeated assaults and violence that were visited upon me. I was always a good student, and everyone was shocked at my decision to leave Dodge H.S., but they had no idea what I went through every single day.


Lord knows what would have happened if I didn’t leave that environment. I’ll simply say that I came very close to my breaking point, and I believe that I made the right decision for my life back then.

Due to my studious background, I aced all the Girls Club course work, and apparently I exhibited great leadership qualities. It was then Ms Brown (the program director) took notice and suggested that I DID NOT take any of the job offers coming my way upon the program’s completion. I was confused, getting a job was the objective of this program. However, she insisted that I could do more, she ordered that I go to Monroe College for their 24 credit GED program. Out of respect for her wisdom, and with great reservation, I took her advice.


Once I started college, I started to get A’s all across the board, there was no way that I would stop after earning the GED. That was only a bonus, my eyes were set on a bigger prize! I continued to earn an Associate Degree, joined the Air Force reserves, secured a job at Wall Street, and then continued on to earn a Bachelors Degree. The rest is history.


I have always been grateful to Ms Brown for her guidance and for believing in me. I wish I could find her and treat her to a nice big dinner.

In any case, here is to second chances in life!


This is a true story of Growing Up Bronx. If this inspires you, please share it and maybe help someone see that they too can achieve more!