Favorite Saturday Night Live Guests?

This is perfectly random, I only caught it because I was just listening to Bruno Mars “Locked out of Heaven”, and then “Start me up” came on by Mick Jagger.

This pretty much answers the question, I really enjoyed Mick Jagger on SNL, especially that Karaoke episode where the cast was doing Mick Jagger songs. Hahah. That was hilarious! “But he doesn’t sound like him at all“.

Bruno Mars is already a young legend, and it goes without saying that his appearance would be awesome. But how great was that scene where the radio station was broken and he had to sing all those great songs? His range and talent were truly showcased during that bit. After this episode I was immediately converted to a Bruno Mars fan.

Now I don’t really remember any of lady Gaga’s bits, but she gets an honorary mention because on her SNL appearance was the first time that I was able to see her performing live. That’s when I realized how super talented she really is as an artist. Her “mainstream” songs do her no justice in showcasing how good she really is. If you haven’t seen her piano playing and singing, look it up, she blew my mind.

Off the top of my head, those are the most awesome SNL appearances I remember. Nirvana stands out, but that was so long ago, I can’t even remember the details.

What are your favorites?

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