Fingerprints and floor burns

The next day we were going to play paintball with a few friends. One of my buddy’s had given me the keys to his newly purchased place so that I could stay in the city that night.

She came to spend the night with me. I ordered food for us, and played beautiful soft music by Enrique Iglesias. I lit some of those little candles all over the house.

Yes, the mood was definitely set! If there is one thing about me, I am helplessly romantic!

We ate our meal, then showered together. My friend hadn’t yet moved in, so he only had a little mattress on the floor. We made ourselves comfortable and held one another. I remember looking into her eyes, feeling her close, and aching for her.

It wasn’t long before we were making passionate and intense love. I kissed her all over, enjoying every inch of her. We made love all night long! Not satisfied with simply taking her on the bed, I led her, and put her up against the mirrors on the wall. I came up from behind and ravaged her. As we made love, she had her hands up against the wall, leaving many fingerprints. Remnants of the night we had together.

At times I wish that I could actually remember the act of making love to her, but I can’t. The years, the many lovers since then, and of course the fact that I have known only one woman for nearly the last decade. All my past lovers have since then faded from memory.

After making love for hours, we slept. We awoke the next day and left to meet our friends for paintball.

The next day my friend called me, he was complaining to me that I burned his floors with the candles, and that we left fingerprints all over the walls. Thankfully he was going to change those floors and he didn’t kick my ass for that. I apologized of course. At the time I had no idea that the candles could burn the floor in those containers. I learned the lesson that day. I thought the fingerprint part was hilarious though. Even still, I apologized for not wiping them off. I didn’t realize it at the time.

That’s my story about fingerprints and floor burns.

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  1. Aliah

    03-25-2015 at 4:01 pm

    Now this is one for the books! I’m glad your friends wasn’t upset!

    • Angel Rodriguez

      03-25-2015 at 4:05 pm

      He was a bit upset. But since he was changing the floor anyway, he didn’t come after me. LOL.

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