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So generally it’s dude’s who initiate flirting with the ladies, of course there are exceptions to this rule, but generally we are the chasers. Women are far more composed about what they want and like, they use far better strategy. Men on the other hand, we are just neanderthals.

But what happens when both subjects are men? Ehhhhh?? I gotcha there, didn’t I? What happens when one of them is gay and the other is heterosexual? Well, if flirting is initiated, it’s obviously going to start from the gay side, right? Again, generally this is true, but I’m a bit of a clown, and I’ve been known to make a comment like, “Hey man, you looking kind of sexy in those jeans.” Now, in no way am I saying I want engage in sexual activity with a male, but I think that is a flirty statement, and done in good humor and taste.

I’ve always been comfortable with receiving compliments from the same sex. Years ago, a lady friend of mine said, “Angel, if the hot gay men are hitting on you, then you are definitely looking good.” I never forgot that, it was her response to me when I told her how I was being salivated over in the sauna.

Lately it’s been happening a lot more, as we all know, men and women are vain creatures. We like to think we are not, but we are superficial beasts. We are attracted to what looks good, and not attracted to what we don’t think looks good. Now, what looks good and what doesn’t is very subjective. This varies greatly from individual to individual, but for the most part, a strong, lean, powerful physique is at a minimum admired. Since I’ve changed my body, I’m admired a lot more!

Yesterday, a woman locked eyes with me, she held my gaze, and then she proceeded to lick her lips. She then widened her eyes and flicked her tongue, then smiled at me. I’m a married dude, so I just nodded, raised my eyebrows, and continued stretching. That was very direct and forthcoming! I gotta admit though, that was extremely aggressive. LOL.

In the male locker room, several individuals have made eyes at me. I noticed how they observe my physique, and some have been very verbal about it. I’m always humbled and say thank you, but it’s not my thing, so you can admire, and I’m cool with that, but don’t expect anything further.

Coming up, I recall how people would get angry and hostile if someone who appeared gay simply glanced in their direction. It was perceived as a major offense. When this happened to me, and some of my friends noticed, they’d ask me, “Why you let that f*ggot look at you like you’re a piece of meat he can f*ck up the ass, A? You act p*ssy A, that’s why these gay ass n*ggas be disrespecting you like this. You need to man up, A! Handle your business my n*gga!”

Thing is, I never felt that it was disrespectful, I took it as a compliment. Besides, what kind of person beats up another one simply because they looked at them? What kind of bullshit is that? There have been times I’ve felt disrespected, like the time this guy grabbed my penis at the gym. Some other times too, but never over a simple look or a nice compliment. That’s ridiculous and I do not cosign on that behavior. My friends wanted to assault these people, but I told them that I would not allow this in my presence and that they really should stop acting this way. I haven’t seen some of those guys in years, but I hope they have matured out of that mindset, though I highly doubt it.

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