Go take some more steroids, #sshole!

So years ago I was with my ex and some friends at some fancy steakhouse, we were all hanging out enjoying dinner and having drinks. Great night, until… At some point my ex gets up to go to the ladies room, some slob looking guys look at her and say something to the effect of “Oh man, I’d have fun with that with ching chong p*ssy right there”. Oops, I heard that, and if there is one thing that gets me going, is disrespecting any woman that I am with. I immediately got up and went over to them and said “Yo, why don’t you ogres show this woman some respect, what the f*ck is your problem”.  They got defensive and said “don’t flatter yourself, we were not talking to you or your chick”.

Now this continued on to some more back and forth, I wasn’t backing down and neither were they, now these were some big boys, and a large group, if it went down, I was probably going to get my ass whooped. I didn’t know how to fight well back then, but I was in awesome shape and I looked like a tough cop. At one point one of the guys tells me get out of there and go take some steroids.

By this point I had started to calm down and examined my situation. There were many steak knives, glass bottles, and these were some big freaking boys. I hadn’t notice but one of my homeboys have shifted his seating position and was aimed towards where we were arguing at, I also noticed that he had produced 2 very large knives from his pockets.

At this point I saw my ex coming back, I realized that if this continued to escalate, people were going to get hurt and end up in the hospital and possibly jail. This was not a good thing. I looked at the guys, I apologized to those not involved for interrupting their evening, and shook my head at the trouble maker, I then walked my ex back. One of the guys flagged me and said “hey, we apologize too man, he’s just very drunk and thinks this is how you have a good time, he got carried away.”

Anyway, as I walked with my wife towards the train for yesterday’s dinner at Ricardo’s Steakhouse, I remembered this story. How times have changed. Back then I couldn’t convince people I was all natural and I looked like I could fight, now I can fight but look very much “natural”. Lol. It’s time to get back in shape!

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Angel Rodriguez

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Angel Rodriguez

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