Hip Hop Music: Family Comes F1rst.

Lefrak, Queens hip hop artists Family Comes F1rst (FCF) are on their way.

I had the honor of meeting rapper 360 from the group. During casual talk I overheard him say that he made music. So I inquired and he hit me with a demo cd for their upcoming Summer mix tape release. How can you say this? HOT FIRE! All 4 tracks are really good.

For now you’ll find 360 at Filthy Rich Barbershop, working hard providing the flyest haircut you can get in the borough of Queens.  That’s the day job.

360’s true calling though is the music. After listening to him and his boy K-Star on the demo album for Family Comes F1rst, I’m very impressed. Sadly though, all of us that go to this Woodside location for a haircut may need a new barber cause there music is HOT… FIRE….

My first thought when I listened to this cd was “wow, this sounds so well made, I could easily hear this in a club or on the radio.” I have been bumping the cd all weekend. I showed it to a few friends over the past few days, one of them stated “That sounds like a Hot97 hit right there.” I agree, these guys are off the hook.

Throughout the cd you hear 360 and K-Star flowing together back and forth, seamlessly complementing each other’s style. Their word play, music and energy is like clockwork in the fluidity of it’s transition.

The songs vary from what I’d call a “club banger”, to more chill head nodding hip hop. The lyrics and content are real, (parental advisory, adult content) speaking about the struggle to make paper, and overall life in the inner city. Music is created by “GabeRealmusic”, tight beats!

FCF is keeping busying playing shows out and about, this weekend saw them performing a show in Queens. 360 stated that the crowd was really cool and that they enjoyed performing there. Family Come F1rst can be contacted for bookings via the following methods:

Twitter  Facebook Page  Email  Youtube

Check out the links, check out the music, you’ll be glad you did!

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