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So I’ve decided that I want to make my teeth straight. I guess seeing my son deal with his braces for over a year, and the progress he has made has inspired me to sort out my own teeth. In this article, I’ll list the places that I visit and leave, and ultimately who I go with as my Invisalign provider in Queens, NYC.

Designer Braces

Dr. Brian Stearn

This place right up the block from where I live was pretty fascinating. The dentist has an amazing personality and a great vibe. He was extremely professional and seems to really know his stuff. I was damn near ready to just sign up and get the ball rolling. However, he suggested that I get a cleaning first, and then complete the process. This gave me the opportunity to think about this more. I had the option to do part of the initial process now, and the rest later, splitting up my costs. I decided that I’d wait and consider doing everything at once. That’s when I came to my senses! I reached out to many of my friends who are using Invisalign, and nearly all of them are in the $4,000 range.

I had looked up the costs prior to visiting, and found the average to be anywhere between $2,000 and $6,000, but Dr Brian Stearn was charging me a whopping $8,000 for the same process. He is an orthodontist as opposed to a cosmetic dentist, and I really like the guy, but I can’t justify paying double the cost because I like your personality. Business is business. He did provide a free consultation, and like I said, he seems really good at what he does, but the cost is unreasonable in my opinion.

Amazing Smile Dental NY

Dr. Igor Abayev

This place caught my attention as I was walking back from CVS. I didn’t even know this spot existed. I entered and spoke with the receptionist. After some time she told me that I could get a consultation. I agreed and she started taking down my information. After entering most of my data, she said, the consultation will cost $75. At that point I paused, hold up, I have to pay this man to meet with me, and whether or not I choose to proceed, I lose the money? She said if you stay with us, the $75 go towards the procedure, and I assure you we don’t charge as much as that other place you mentioned. I said that charging me to sit and try to sell me a product was problematic for me, her response was that the doctor is giving me his time, to which I replied, and I am giving him my time.

I thanked her, and told her that I had to research him heavily before ever giving him one cent. She understood and I left. I have a fundamental problem paying someone to sit and try to sell me a product, that doesn’t work for me. So in this case, I never even met the dentist, Dr. Igor Abayev, we didn’t get that far. It’s unfortunate, the location is great, the reviews are positive, but I can’t pay you to tell me what I’ve already been told.

Better Living through Dentistry

Dr. John Kong

Currently going through an email exchange to secure appointment. They responded on a Sunday, we are off to a good start on the work ethic.

VIP Dental Care, P.C

Dr. Daniel Ilyabayev

Appointment scheduled via Zocdoc.


This will be an ongoing post that I will update until I am sorted out.



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