Latest scandal: President Obama Admin Spying

Ladies and gentlemen, please, stop the presses! The latest, greatest, and newest scandal to hit the world stage is here! Spying by the Obama administration. Wooh! Lets get him.

Oh, wait, it’s just spying, you know, something that’s been happening since the beginning of time. Something that has inspired many movies, and its, you know, not really that worthy of news!

Look people, give me a damn break. Do you want to know what governments and political opponents do? They spy on each other. They try to get a leg up on each other. We live in a highly technological world where double and triple agents are no longer necessary. You will no longer find Vlad pretending to be Johnny at the FBI. Spying is done from space and other technological methods! But don’t be a fool and think it has or will ever stop.

Spying is as old as time itself. Did Obama do any magnificent spying, and all that crap that these whiny little facks are complaining about? I don’t know, and I don’t really care. If you think that he is any different from past presidents in that capacity, then you are a fool. I don’t know who he was spying on, if he was spying on any individuals like Trump, etc, but this should come to no surprise to anyone.

We are all being monitored, spied on, and its not going to stop. Maybe they will get better at hiding it from us, and find other more clever ways to dress it up, like the Patriot Act, and so on. But make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, it’s happening now, it happened yesterday, and it will continue to happen until the end of time.

All this faux outrage is just par for the course. They just need some drama to hang on to, they need things to complain about, and they need distractions from life.

Let’s not talk about the 3 million Americans who are suffering right now in Puerto Rico, or our neighbors in Mexico and South Asia who are also suffering. Let’s talk about North Korea and Obama’s never before done or considered spying. People are just too silly.

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