Am I losing my street smarts?

Lately I’ve wondered, am I losing my street smarts? So I boarded the bus on Kew Gardens heading over to Crunch to teach my classes for the evening. It was crowded but I squeezed in inspired by this pretty Indian girl who told me not to stand in the cold. As I boarded, I noticed the driver looking for someone, he wanted to report a problem on the bus to his manager.

We couldn’t see him and we were about to take off, then a lady said, he’s right there. I offered to flag the guy down for him, and this is where all my street smarts failed me.

Nothing bad happened to me, but I should know better. I got off the bus and I executed a fast run towards the dispatcher, he looked concerned and when I spoke he said “what,” and took a defensive stance. I told him that the driver would like to show him something about the bus and he came over with me.

Like I said, nothing happened, but someone like me should know better than to just run up on someone like that on the streets. This guy was a middle aged man, and he seemed okay, but had I done that to the wrong person, I could have gotten my ass shot or something. Lol.

Basically, what I’m saying is, don’t run up on people on the street. I should know better, but I sped over with all the authority of a man who was on a good will mission. Lol.

Reactions on the street don’t know good will. I guess I’m lucky that I did this in Kew Gardens, I think my survival instincts would keep me from doing this elsewhere. I know the score, but on this day, I slipped up.

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Angel Rodriguez

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