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Man suing casino, because he was too drunk when he lost $500,000!

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Man suing casino, because he was too drunk when he lost $500,000!

Ventura resident, 52 year old Mark Johnston is suing the Downtown Grand casino for allowing him to gamble while visibly, and severely intoxicated during Super Bowl weekend. Johnston allegedly had to much to drink that night, and by the end of the evening Johnston had accumulated a $500,000 loss!

He is suing since according to Nevada state law, casinos are not allowed to serve comped liquor or allow obviously intoxicated guests to continue to gamble. Johnston argues that it was the casino’s responsibility to determine whether the guest was drunk and deny them further gambling. This is where the story becomes subjective.

Mark Johnston’s legal team hopes that surveillance video evidence along with multiple eyewitness accounts will show that the casino should have been aware of his extremely intoxicated state. He is suing them stating that he should not have been allowed to gamble in his obviously drunken and incapacitated state. He is also seeking damages stating that the entire ordeal has tainted his name and professional reputation. Johnston has amassed a large fortune as a real estate mogul, and through car dealerships.

Sean Lyttle, Mark Johnton’s lawyer states that the casino intends to pursue the gambling debt. He seemed taken aback by what he calls the casino’s heavy handed tactics. The casino representatives refused to comment pending the investigation. The state gaming control board is investigating the matter.

Johnston stated that he felt as though he was taken advantage of because he was blackout drunk. He made reference to someone robbing a drunk person on the street. He claims that the casino should never have loaned him $500,000 dollars in markers. The casino is suing him claiming that he is just trying to avoid his debt.



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