No Cow Protein Bar

I like to try all the protein bars, shakes, and other seemingly safe supplements that make it to the gyms or neighborhood stores I frequent. Some are great, and some are not.

I hate to speak ill of any businesses, but I have to be honest with y’all. This protein bar didn’t work for me. Three of us tested it, and all three of us couldn’t finish the bar. It was very chalky and had an odd flavor. I even checked the expiration date to make sure it wasn’t expired.

I’m sad to report that this bar just didn’t cut it y’all. I’m willing to try different flavors, and maybe it is an acquired taste and texture? I don’t know. But three of us unanimously agreed that this wasn’t working on the first try. If someone hands me one, I’ll try it again, but I wouldn’t go out of my way or buy it. Sorry No Cow people, perhaps you need to bring the cow back. LOL..

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