NYC Subway Etiquette: Give her space you pervert!

This morning as I rode the train in to work; I saw a woman standing, nothing out of the norm. Then in comes this guy, and with plenty of space available, he practically gets on top of her. At this point, my protective instincts kick in and my blood starts to boil. I really don’t want to start a fight, but I don’t like what I am seeing. So I observe him for one false move, my blood boiling the entire time. I see her back up against the door and turn her body sideways, to avoid his gaze. This guy moves in even tighter. He still had not realized that there was someone watching this interaction, a man who was only moments away from putting him in the place where he belongs?

The fool eventually notices that he is the target of my death stare. He looks in my direction, a nasty look in his eyes, but he sees me look at her, then at him, the girl then uses the moment to fling her bag and create some space from this abuser. He backs up a bit, looks away, and I win the silent battle of “looks.” At one point, the train jerks to a halt, and the woman goes flying. I catch her, and guide her back to her spot, the woman then smiles and thanks me.

You know on the train, they often say, “a crowded train is no excuse for inappropriate behavior,” well this was an empty train, and this guy had “sick rapist” all over his face. I hate rapist. His abusive energy, his imposing on her space, all of it just made me furious. Next time I see her; I will talk to her, I will tell her to shift in my direction for a human shield if that ever happens again. Sometimes, to fight a demon, you need an Angel! See what I did there?

Look people, I know sometimes the trains get crowded, but do your best to respect each other’s space, especially when there is space on the train. Why? Because you never know when someone like me might get tired of keeping their cool and may have to check your space invading butt!

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6 years ago

RT @NYCTalking: NYC Subway Etiquette: Give her space you pervert! #subway #train #nyctalking #subwayseries #etiquette

6 years ago

RT : NYC Subway Etiquette: Give her space you pervert! #subway #train #nyctalking #subwayseries #etiquette

6 years ago

NYC Subway Etiquette: Give her space you pervert!

Yesenia Martinez
6 years ago

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Thuy Yau
6 years ago

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