Pictures Of NYC From The 1980s

nyc 1980s

This gallery is an absolutely amazing collection, pictures of NYC from the 1980s. As I looked through these pics, I was transported back to the Bronx, and my early childhood years.

Have a look, you’ll love this!

as someone who grew up in NYC in the 1980s…

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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  1. hori

    01-06-2017 at 6:44 pm

    Wow Angel…for me its been 30 yrs since I left NYC…under protest I might add. I miss it everyday and I try to connect with it through things I see around me on a daily basis. I am quite far away right now and I just stumbled upon this site and I wanted to say thank you. I was born in the Bronx, raised in Corona, Queens then relocated back to the Bronx, 183 Fordham Rd.summere 1982! Holy Sh*t…lol, then believe it or not I moved to PR summer 86’…wow but in all honesty, I AM and ALWAYS will be a Native New Yorker…I wish I could afford to relocate there again, LOL…I go back once in a while (summer 2012 my last visit 🙁 but thank you for the topics you give attention too, the words you write and the thoughts you project. I know its making a difference in many lives NY or otherwise….Dios te bendiga y gracias….Oh I have to confess a little thing I miss most and will not find anywhere but my corner bodega anywhere in NYC is my italian bread…I have been trying to find just an image online and can you believe it NOTHING! NADA! oh well it still lives in my memory, cuidate amor and have a great weekend and HAPPY NEW YEAR <3

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