Put Out Your Finished Cigarette

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Seriously, for years and years I have seen this. The person in front of me, sucking on their cigarette, then with complete abandon they throw it on the floor and keep walking. Why?

First of all, I don’t appreciate you littering in my city, and second, I don’t appreciate your continued pollution of our air with your absentee smoking. Is it that difficult for you to put out the cigarette? Is it so hard to make sure that your extinguished cigarette makes its way into a proper trash can?

Sure, you think the world is your trash can. I get that, but here’s the thing, it isn’t. Nor is the atmosphere really interested in continue to absorb your damn cigarette smoke. If you want to smoke, fine, that’s on you. But the least that your selfish self can do for the rest of us is turn that thing off when you are done, and throw into the freaking trash.

Put Out Your Finished Cigarette, Jerk.



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