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You know what frightens me? Not Hurricane Sandy, not the potential for a world ending apocalyptic event, not a zombie takeover. No, none of those things frighten me.  What frightens me is that this place was here, has been here, and I could have never known about it!  Can you imagine a life, living a life, only 2 train stops away, and NOT KNOWING ABOUT THIS PLACE!  It’s sinful, sacrilegious, blasphemy!

Thankfully though, my wife had a craving for sushi after watching a Japanese show on tv.  She knew of this place from when it was at a different location and followed them over here.  Yesterday was my first time attending this restaurant, but I tell you what, it definitely will not be my last!

One of the first things I examine when going to a sushi place is the staff, are they Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, etc.  Being Japanese in a Japanese restaurant is usually a good sign.  That’s not to say that other races can’t make good sushi, but come on, who are we kidding? No one does Japanese as good as Japanese people do.

As always, I had to try out the spicy tuna roll, along with the spider roll.  I also had a miso soup, seaweed salad, ginger ale and red bean ice cream.  First things first, the tuna roll was heavenly, absolutely to die for.  The portion of tuna to rice was immaculate.  Visually it looked like they were being cheap with the tuna, but when you ate the roll it felt perfect inside your mouth, the level of spice, the level of rice to tuna, even the avocado which I usually remove flowed in perfect harmony together. The spider roll was also quite good, but the spicy tuna roll was the hero for me. The seaweed salad is the thin green kind, you know, the one with sesame seeds and stuff, yeah, that’s the one I actually like. The miso soup was “real” miso soup, quite yummy.

The service was what one would expect from a Japanese restaurant, very attentive, kind, and patient. Even when trying to order a sushi roll without any sushi in it for my son. LOL.  Great place, I very much look forward to eating here again!  Top of the line Japanese restaurant at a reasonable price.  On that note, some specialty rolls can be a bit pricey, but it’s well worth it. My wife had a yellowtail roll that was really good.  Dessert was quite good as well, that red bean ice cream was just right.  The soda was good, didn’t taste watered down or gross as can be the case with soda at restaurants.

This is as close to perfection you will get to in a meal, and to find this gem so close to home is awesome. I can’t wait to eat here again.

**Addendum**  How could I forgot the awesome 80’s Japanese music that they were playing!  Oh man, I love this place!

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