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This is going to be short and sweet. Well short, not necessarily so sweet. Here’s the way it goes with me, I’m trying to get back in shape, but from time to time I allow myself a cheat meal. Something that is not necessarily allowed in my day to day diet, but I’ll eat it anyway! This is my way of rewarding the hard work I’m doing at the gym and dieting.

I was walking towards Chipotle, when I saw this place, Clarke’s Standard. The store is in the same spot that Goodburger used to be, and it’s pretty much the same exact setup. Literally, the same exact setup. I’ll tell you what’s not the same, the good burger. I got “The Cadillac,” some fries, and a milk shake. The fries were kind of greasy feeling, they were crunchy but the taste was kind of blah. Let down. The burger was bland, another totally disappointing item. It was messy, and for all the crap they put in it, it simply didn’t taste like anything. There was such a big difference between this and the burger I had at The beef they use tastes so very different. The milk shake was the only thing that was good, but this is nothing that I couldn’t get at McDonalds or whatever. I really expected more from this place, but I was sorely let down.

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