Rushed by the police for standing outside

My friends and I were playing in front of the building. We were not doing anything wrong, and clearly we were a bunch of kids. Literally, out of nowhere an unmarked cop car pulled up, the DTs (detectives) then rushed out and came running towards the group. Everyone scattered and ran as was the way we were all conditioned to do living on those rough Bronx streets. I was different though, seeing as though I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I didn’t think to run and just stood there watching. They weren’t there for us, we were good kids just hanging out.

Next thing you know, one of them grabs me, he screams “get the fuck against the wall you little criminal.” They grabbed about two of us as the others scattered really fast. Next thing you know, I’m being patted down and asked “what I’m carrying.” I said I wasn’t carrying anything and stayed quiet. After they were satisfied that I wasn’t carrying anything, the cop mushed me and said something along the lines of “Keep your nose clean or next time we’ll have you in cuffs you juvenile delinquent!” I was a bit annoyed and very embarrassed about this, every on the block saw what happened. I stayed quiet though, “Next time?” I didn’t even do anything wrong THIS TIME though! Damn bullies!

After the cops left, all my friends came back outside. They all simultaneously rushed me, threw me against the wall and said “spread em you vermin!” Clearly I was being mocked! LOL. Assholes. Anyway, when people tell me things like, “You don’t know what it’s like to be harassed by the cops,” I remember moments like this and giggle to myself. Those idiots don’t know what it was like Growing Up Bronx in the 90s!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth.

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