She came on my face

Years ago I was engage in oral sexual activity with a woman and I didn’t stop until she came on my face.

So yeah, I was eating her out and I don’t know about you guys, but when I go down I go in. So there I was doing what needed to be done, and she was grabbing my head and pressing it into her vagina. She’s moaning, screaming and exhibiting tons of pleasure.

As I continue to lick, suck, nibble and play with her nether parts, she moans “don’t stop, don’t stop,” I obliged. I continued and continued until she started saying “don’t fucking stop, I’m cumming, don’t fucking stop!” Hell yeah, cum on my face! I continued eating her until she came and then continued licking her and sucking on her.

I’m not the best lover in the world, but I was extremely happy that I could bring a woman to orgasm not only with my penis, but also with my tongue. Somewhere down the road, she did the same for me and swallowed when I came. Those were good times, good times indeed.

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