White women scarves

So this artist has been offending some folks with his “controversial” art. This “art” is basically pictures of him wearing white women as scarves. That constitutes art today my friends.

Is this offensive? It depends on who you are asking. Let me say this though, for every offensive white woman wearing scarf artist, there has to be a willing scarf, right? So perhaps his art is offensive, but he wouldn’t be able to do it without a perfectly willing white woman scarf.

He claims that this is about how black men “wear” white women as trophies. Hey, I’ve always said art is subjective, and to each their own. I find this weird as freak myself, but again, “art” is subjective.

As an artist myself, one who puts out quality material that could really make a difference in society, I’m offended that this type of nonsense is what gets air time and exposure. I’m thinking the next video that I’ll release is of an offensive song that I’ve been afraid to push, because apparently that’s what people want. What a joke…

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