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We were trying to eat at London Lennie’s a few days ago, but by the time we arrived they had already closed the kitchen. So as we walked away we saw this place and decided to give them a shot.

As always, I had to try the caesar salad. I have to be honest, when we walked into this spot I was a little reluctant. It was a gamble, but if the caesar salad, and our server’s awesome Irish accent were any indication of what was to come, we were headed the right direction!


Another one of my favorites are the crab cakes, so when we saw it on the menu, you know that it had to be eaten. Once again WH delivers! Seriously, I came in with no expectations, but these guys are really impressing me! Nom nom nom all day!All day!


So far these appetizers are amazing, really good. I forgot to mention, I didn’t care much for their bread, but we shouldn’t be eating too much bread anyway. Right?

In an effort to continue eating relatively clean, I went with the combo fajita. This consisted of some shrimp, chicken and beef. It was a really good dish.


My wife went with shrimp and rice. She wasn’t too pleased with the shrimp. She said they were fried before being put on the sauce. She said that made them heavier and greasier. She wasn’t very pleased with that. In fact, when we left I was telling how good my dish was, and she was saying that she didn’t really like hers. All this while looking at the blood moon!

In closing, I recommend this place, I thought the food was good, and the service was also very good. Maybe stay away from the shrimp, or find out if it is fried beforehand. I don’t think you can go wrong if you order what I ordered. My wife liked all the dishes except her main shrimp.

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