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Workflowy (Task organizer app)


Workflowy (Task organizer app)

Today we are playing with this task organizer application, Workflowy is meant to be used for organizing everything from everyday tasks to large scale company projects.

On first impression it is very easy and straight forward to use. Once you sign up for a free account on Workflowy’s website you are immediately taken to a very useful video tutorial. Step by step you are taught how the app is meant to be used, they use real life visual examples to illustrate this.  No nonsense, no frills, let’s just get it done hands on training. Creating tasks and subtask is as simple as typing a bulletpoint, pressing tab, and typing the subtasks.  If you click on the bullet items you can add notes, completions, etc.  One really cool, “social like” aspect of this is #hashtags. They use these for organizing and searching. This should come very natural to many of us that are in the social media space. You have the option to send a private link to specific tasks for sharing which is cool. The interface is as simple as a sheet of notebook paper, not overly complex.

I can see the benefit of using this application, from small scale to large scale projects.  I look forward to the evolution of this application into an iphone, android, and blackberry application. For now it’s web based, but the web version is pretty useful. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it.

As they say on their website “Hurry up and sign up before you forget”. Happy organizing!

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