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This Japanese run spot is actually inside a restaurant. Sort of. You have to go into the restaurant and pass through to get to the speakeasy. I came here with Phil, Garrett and Jonathan. We hung out and shot the breeze here until we got really hungry, then walked out the door and sat at the restaurant. LOL. It’s pretty cool actually.

I enjoyed the atmosphere here, it was very relaxed and comfortable. Because it’s a sunday I didn’t want to drink, so I had yet another virgin cocktail here. The sweet waitress brought me a watermelon, tomato, sugar and grape mixed drink, it was actually really delicious and had little chunks of watermelon and fruit in it.

When the bill came mine simply said “virgin”. $10 for the drink, and it was a relatively small drink. But I guess you are also paying for the space and the atmosphere. It’s worth it, if you want to talk to your friends and have a good time this is definitely a good place to try..

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