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Well, judging by the huge dragon that has joined me for the rest of my life on my right arm, I’ll say this one is a special one. I just went here yesterday to get some ink done. My artist is Japanese native son Kiku. Super cool guy with a super cool style.

This place, Invisible NYC, came up whenever I searched for “Japanese tattoo artist NYC”. Consistently. Independently I asked my homeboy and fellow tattoo enthusiast Sean M for a place to go for my inking needs. Wanna know where he sent me? You got it, Invisible. He knows all the folks there and they all know him. Pretty cool.

Now the internet, (which we know is never wrong) and another person that had no idea I had found invisible recommended the same place. As Kiku said to me yesterday “That has to mean something right”. Hell yeah it does, you guys rock.

This shop is operated by Troy Denning, another sick Japanese tattoo artist who happens to also have some pretty good Japanese vocabulary. Another amazing artist.

Some weeks ago I met with Kiku, gave him my vision, and entrusted him to create my masterpiece. To my surprise getting a sleeve done, or artwork of that nature is not done in the way that I have done other tattoos. Whereas in the past I created, or brought in my ideas, we edited, etc, in this style the artist creates it, and until the day of your inking you don’t even see it. This I found a little weird and quite scary.

Thankfully in my own experience I was not disappointed. Even though my piece is not complete, it already looks freaking awesome. Kiku is an amazing artist. I mean SICK! If I didn’t like it, I would have had him work it to my liking. No way I put something on my body I don’t want. But this was fire!

We worked for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. Well, Kiku worked, I sat there and pretended to not be in pain. He got the outline done as well as some shading. We project that the tattoo will take 4-5 more sessions to finish. Note, it ain’t cheap. Don’t come here if you don’t plan to shell out some cash. You heard the saying, you get what you pay for right? These guys are at the top of their game, well worth it.

There were several people that kind of popped by and just looked around or watched, and everyone was impressed by the tattoo on my arm, they were amazed at how cool it looks, and IT’S NOT EVEN FINISHED! I can’t wait to get this finished. Hell I’m already excited to start on the other ones. So excited to get these things completed, it feels like I’m walking around with incomplete projects..

While you are being worked on the fellas will joke around, tease each other and goof off. Reminds me of me and my coworkers and the goofing we do. They guys had me laughing out loud with some of the jokes. Kiku had to pull the needle away a few times cause I was shaking laughing.

At one point a bunch of cute Japanese girls came in. This was during my break so I started chit chatting with them and joking around. Yeah, I can’t resist saying hello to cute Japanese girls. LOL. They also liked my art and asked if it hurt, I don’t speak Japanese, but due to my massive anime and porn experience, I know a little. I replied, “Itai!” That means “it hurts,” they then giggled. This place is a good time…

If you are in NYC and you want to do Japanese artwork, or any artwork for that matter, I can’t think of a better place. Henceforth I will be coming to invisible for all my tattooing needs. I have 1 incomplete quarter sleeve that I had started before that I will have Kiku finish for me as well, and I also want him to fancy up a few other tattoos that I have.

They are cool now, but I’m sure after Kiku gets through with them they will be on a whole other level.. Check it out.

Please note, this place is not a Mcdonald’s style tattoo shop, appointment only and serious inquiries please.

Please note the date on a post, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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