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This place works ok for what it is.

Whenever I’m in the area I go here for either the grilled pork chops, the grilled chicken, or the bo luc lac (beef cubes). My wife stops by sometimes on the way home from work and picks up some dishes from time to time as well.

You can get any of the aforementioned dishes over rice and you won’t go wrong with that meal. I usually get a summer roll with that and I’m good to go.

I cannot speak for the other items because these are the only things I get from Vietnamese places. I will say that the service is pretty fast, no frills style. Typical Asian place, as I’ve said in other reviews of places in Flushing and Chinatown, don’t come expecting smiles and stuff from the staff. It’s not that type of a party. More along the lines of “Wha yu wan”.

One time the lady that works there was really angry, she had this look of resentment on her face, scary looking female. I didn’t want anything to do with her… “Uhm, no, I don’t need another fork, it’s ok that this one fell on the floor, I’m sure you guys keep the floor quite sanitary, please don’t trouble yourself”..

But all that aside, if you want a good dish (the ones I mentioned above are the only ones I will vouch for) then try this place. Leave your emotions at home though, cause ain’t nothing sweet about it.

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  • Choosaus

    Horrible, horrible, horrible customer service. They usually cranky, but today I just had it. I called 6:10 ish to order delivery. A young guy (sounds like, playful) picked up the phone and he did not speak English well. That is not a problem, I am from different country too. He kept saying, "whaa you? Whaaaa you?" I thought he was asking for what I want, so i started to tell him what I was goanna order, then suddenly he said, "no, no, whaa you?" So, I asked if he was asking my address. he said, "ya. whaa you, first, whaa you… " THEN i could hear his laugh and he said 'stupid', then he hung up on me !!!!! I was so upset, and I kept calling him back, he answered several times, and kept pretending he cannot hear what i said. Eventually I did speak to another guy, I explained what happened, and he did not even apologize. I am a long time customer. Food is just ok, but always their customer service is just terrible!!!! I wish there is another Vietnamese restaurant that deliver to my place. Anyway, this is my last time with them.
    …………………………. e-mail from my friend    —–>  Terrible!!!!  I went there for some takeout, paid and waited for the food forever. Then, when it finally came out, the guy accused me of not paying yet. When he realized he was wrong, he just said "okay" with no apology. When people were ordering stuff on the phone, and were asking what things were on the menu, the guy was mocking them to his coworkers as well……………also, this plase is drity and smelly, check out their bathroom, it is a nightmare.

    • http://www.arod.org/ Angel Rodriguez

      That sucks Choosaus. I've learned to not expect much from these cheap places, but your experience seems a bit much. You are doing the right thing spreading the word. Good luck finding a new place.

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