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This is the restaurant where the wedding reception was held for my friends Rona and Doris. Abc Seafood? American Born Chinese? Get it? See what I did there? Once again, congratulations you guys! God bless you and your newly formed union. You know, it is often said that people make a place special, based off of that, this place is quite special. You guys made it that way. Thanks for letting me perform one of my favorite songs, and thank you for including me in the Tea Ceremony. I am honored to have been able to share in this special day with you.

But now that we have the mushy stuff out there, let’s move on to the quick review. So this place felt pretty much like any other Chinese restaurant where I have attended a group gathering such as a wedding, etc. As is the usual custom, they served several courses for us to eat. I tried and ate a little bit of everything. My munching ranged from seaweed salad to fried rice to spare ribs. I even went a little adventurous and tried jellyfish for the first time. It was soft and chewy. LOL! Flavor wise the jellyfish wasn’t very appealing to me, but with the right seasoning and flavor profiles, I think that jellyfish could be delicious. We ate some chicken, some lobster, and some vegetable items that I can’t even begin trying to name! Hah, some food critic I am!

The service was the usual. The workers just did their jobs with complete indifference, in and out. If you have ever been to a Chinese wedding, then you know what this place is like. These spots are pretty much clones of each other in terms of operating procedures, in NYC, San Fran, and even Hong Kong. Same procedures, same foods, same styles.

I’m not sure how this place is as a stand alone restaurant, but the food was okay. Give them a try if you like Chinese food and let us know what you think!

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ABC Seafood Review