Bathmate Hydromax 7 Penis Pump Review

TLDR: After 3 weeks, my penis is not any bigger, my erections are not any stronger, and though they say no questions asked for a refund, they would not give me a full refund until I really pushed and even then I only got 40% back due to shipping, etc. Probably not worth the hassle.

I have been sitting on this review for many weeks now. My readers know that I generally write about and share everything that I feel can help someone else on a similar journey. But this one, and a few upcoming posts I have kept private for quite some time. Why you ask?

Well, most men won’t openly admit it because it is pretty damn humiliating to us, but so many men deal with penis insecurities. I mean, there is a whole market of products, pills, exercises, and more built purely around having a stronger, bigger, and thicker penis. Men have died in surgery while in the pursuit of a larger phallus.

So most reviews I’ve seen for these types of devices are actually advertisements hidden within the guise of a review. Allow me to tell you that I paid for this out of my own pocket. It wasn’t a gift or a test device, I bought the damn thing. In fact, I had decided that I didn’t want to use it and asked for a refund as the website said “no questions asked full refund.” What they don’t say is that they do ask questions and give you a bit of a hard time because you “used” the product. Well, no crap, how else are we supposed to test it out.

So in my case, I kept pressing them and telling them that they say a full refund is available. There is no mention anywhere that because it is an intimate device, you can’t return it. In any case, once you get them to agree to the return, then you have to pay for it to be shipped to the UK, and from the U.S., that’s a bit of dough. Anyway, long story long, they gave me a 40% refund and let me keep the pump. Since I still ended up paying for it, I decided to use it for a few weeks. Here are my present findings after about 3 weeks.

The bathmate hydromax 7 penis pump, 7 stands for the max size of the penis the user can have, though I do not personally pack 7 inches, there other device was too small. This device is a penis pump, except that instead of air, this one uses water to create a vacuum around your penis. My research has indicated some anecdotal findings that some men have used this to make their penis girthier and in some cases longer, but it isn’t prescribed for that. Some more research indicates that it doesn’t really work for that either. Penis pumps are supposed to be helpful for men with erectile dysfunction. The pump pulls blood into the penis, similar to how cupping works by creating a vacuum, in turn, this is supposed to help you get and maintain an erection, or in some cases, give you an even stronger erection.

From my vantage point, that’s potentially a double whammy, you can get a fatter and longer penis, and make it perform better with harder erections? Sounds like a win/win for me. But they are not without risk, if used inappropriately or too long, a penis pump can really hurt you down there. I maintain that having a bigger tool should not come at the expense of the tool not working at all or losing some feeling. What’s the point? Look at that billionaire who died while doing penis enlargement surgery, why? You work so hard for all that money and success to die over penis insecurity?

In any case, the bathmate has so far not caused me any major problems. I noticed a few red dots early on, but they have since subsided. It seems to be safe and I am very careful about how much vacuum and pressure I create. I have a vasectomy, so I’m careful to keep my balls, and the general area away from the pump base. Who knows what the vacuum could do to that area if it gets pulled in? The device is fairly easy to use but took me a bit to get comfortable with it. I do it in 5-minute intervals for 3 sets. This is the recommended usage protocol. They say it is like a workout for your penis, but I have yet to notice any tangible benefits. Though admittedly, working out does take some time, you don’t get brolic overnight.

I bought this because I was kind of pumped up by a porn star about how to make your penis bigger and stronger like a porn star. It was an impulsive decision and ended up costing me a bit of dough that I could not fully recover. Is it worth it? Probably not because as of yet I’ve not experienced any major benefits. Fortunately, as far as I can tell, I’ve not experienced any problems or injuries using it either.

In summary, based off of my experience thus far, I’d say save your money. None of this stuff appears worth it to me. I’ll continue to play with it, because, why not? If things change, I’ll come here and update you.

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