Size Genetics All Day Stretcher aka Jes-extender Review

TLDR: Some people swear by this device, but I found it hard to put on, and hard to keep on, and I’m not likely to ever use this thing. They say there is, but really, there is no money back on this purchase. There is no hard science that it works for length, but there is medical application for people with Peyronie’s disease.

In my journey for a more powerful middle-aged penis, I came across this device recommended by a porn star who wanted to make his already average penis even more prominent. I get that though, especially in his field of adult entertainment. This gentleman allegedly started with a 5.5-inch penis, and by using this device and other techniques, including the Bathmate penis pump has reached just over 7.5 inches. Now I don’t know what you think, but I think that is a substantial increase in penis length.

As an average-sized penis holder, I figured, if this dude can get his penis from 5 or so inches to 7 or so inches, hell, I can do the same too! Show me a man who wouldn’t want to have an extra 2 inches on his penis and I’ll show you a liar, or someone who is exceptionally blessed in the penis department.

Let me be clear on one thing about this whole topic, admitting the desire for a bigger penis, and actually writing it out like this for the world to see is not an easy thing. It’s rather humiliating, and you’d be challenged to find many men who will admit this desire. However, whether or not we admit it, the numbers don’t lie. When I spoke to the CEO of this company, Jes told me that they have sold over 1 million of these devices. I’ve seen similar and significantly higher numbers for other penis-related pills, surgeries, and enhancement devices. One doctor says he does a minimum of 20 penis enlargements a week. We might lie, but the numbers do not. I’m just one of the few brave souls who actually admits it.

In any case, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about this actual device. Does it work? Heck if I know, I couldn’t use it consistently enough to determine that. Frankly, I don’t feel safe using this thing at all. Do I want a longer penis? Sure. Am I willing to wreck the average functional penis that I presently have in the process? Absolutely not! I get hard, I penetrate, I cum, they cum, I mean what else can one ask of their penis? Sure, we may want it a little bigger, but at what risk?

First of all, I pinched my damn penis skin with this thing the first time I used it. That wasn’t cool, and it cut me. As you should know, anytime there is a cut, there is a chance of infection. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of an infection on your penis is terrifying.

Second, you have to squeeze this band around the head of your penis in order for it to be able to stretch and “extend.” That pinches you a bit, hurts a bit, and cuts blood flow to the head of your penis. I don’t know, but this seems kind of scary and dangerous to me. I tried it about 3 times and it felt just as scary each time. I explained this to the CEO, and they said, “Just take breaks and take it off for a while.”

Finally, I can’t even move with this thing on. Your penis is held by it, and movement feels dangerous and vulnerable. Also, it slips off quite a bit if you move around, then you have to secure its place again. I’m just not feeling this thing at all.

Much like the bathmate, if you buy this thing, it pretty much works off of the premise that there is no refund. They claim that if it doesn’t work for you, they’ll give you a refund. However, they have a very specific set of requirements and you have to follow a ridiculous protocol in order for them to even consider giving you back your money. If you buy this, assume all sales are final.

Their support people and an account manager were initially responsive, until I told them I cut myself and wanted a refund. Then they became unresponsive and once told me over email, “just put some ointment on it and don’t worry about it.” I did manage to get a hold of the CEO and Jes sent me some extra items to try and see if they would help. Admittedly, they did help, but pretty much everything I stated is still the case. It did keep me from getting cut, but not so much from getting pinched. It was better for sure, but it still slipped off and it also created tender points. You have to put it really tight for it to stay in place, and that’s scary.

Based on my own, limited experience with the device and the non-existent refund process, I can’t recommend this product to anyone. I don’t think it’s worth the expense, hassle, or risk. I guess I am staying in the average penis-size camp, and I’m nearly $300 poorer too. Do note that there is some medical application for people with Peyronie’s disease where the penis is bent and erections are painful. It can potentially help straighten that out some. But I’m not sure it’s gonna get you a monster peen, especially since it’s so hard to use.

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