Breaking Bad – Season 1 Episode 1

For sometime I have been meaning to watch Breaking Bad. Somehow my wife found out about the show as well and threw it up on Netflix today. Since I happened to be awake and eating I decided to finally watch it. The first impressions are good, I like the concept and I like how the old man is stepping up and taking charge of his life. To give you an idea of what’s going on, it appears that up until this point he’s always been a bit of a pushover and slightly predictable. He just turned 50 and actually found out that he’s going to die from lung cancer. Since learning about this so far he’s gone from a mild mannered school teacher and car wash attendant to assaulting a teenager, becoming a drug dealer, a murderer, and a straight up bad ass.

This show has definitely made my list of “continue watching” programs. It’s pretty damn cool. If you’ve been meaning to check it out like I have, it’s definitely worth watching. Pick it up on Netflix or wherever you get your shows.


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