Dad trying to pick up a woman

My dad was a player. Unfortunately, he wasn’t very good to my mom when it came to fidelity.

As a child, I remember this one time he was taking me to school. He approached this lady and said he had “picked up” a piece of paper the woman “dropped.” On it, was written a phone number. She was confused, but eventually took the paper. At that point in time, I didn’t really understand what was happening, but I later realized what he was doing. I don’t know if anything ever came of it though.

In hindsight, I wonder what the hell he was thinking? Back then, we didn’t have private cell phones, so the only number he could have possibly provided was our home number and that was just foolish. How in the world do you plan to meet, coordinate, seduce and eventually hook up with a woman over your home phone? Like, hello? My mom could answer that phone call! What the hell man?

As a man, I understand his desire to meet women. I realize that this urge never leaves us. Though I believe it was definitely wrong of him, regardless, I think that the way he went about it was just dumb and disrespectful. Bruh, if you gonna try to hook up with other women, don’t do it with your young child there and don’t give them your home phone number.

R.I.P pops, I still love you, but this was not your brightest moment. I understand why momma bear had to get rid of you. This and many other reasons that I take to the grave.

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