Dell E Series 23-Inch Screen LED-lit Monitor

We needed a few monitors for the office. I ordered a pair of these for one of my users.

Monitor is a monitor right? But do note that this monitor is static, you cannot raise or lower it, the height it is, is the height it is. I ran into a bit of trouble because it only supports VGA and HDMI. The two types of cables that I happened to have the least of. You’d think this would at least have a DVI cable, but nope! My original setup plan had to be changed because of the cable limitation.

In any case, we’ve had the monitors for about a month now and its a crisp, nice looking display. If you have the right cables, and don’t mind the fact you can’t adjust the height, then you are all good with this. It was relatively easy to assemble and worth the few bucks it cost.

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