Demon Slayer NYC Premiere of Hashira Training

I was invited to cover the red carpet event and the NYC screening of “Demon Slayer’s” next arc, “Hashira Training.” Unfortunately, I teach Zumba on that day and couldn’t find a substitute, so we arrived fairly late and missed both the red carpet and the premiere. That was disappointing.

Fortunately, my contact informed us that our time slot was updated, and we ended up with the best seats in the house! They also gave us $25 for the concessions stand and some pretty nice posters as souvenirs. That was pretty dope.

At the start of the film, the actor who plays Zenitsu came out and introduced the film, which was pretty cool. They played brief clips from the previous arcs at the very beginning of the film, and I found it quite emotional and beautiful. After that, they replayed the entire last episode, and we subsequently got to see the actual new arc.

I won’t reveal any spoilers here, but the title makes it fairly obvious: this arc involves the Demon Slayers beginning their grueling Hashira training. Only a select few will make it through. Meanwhile, Tanjiro is recovering from his numerous brutal fights with the upper-level demons.

If you watched the last season, you know that Nezuko will be central to everything. She has transcended what the evil Muzan has been attempting for centuries. I believe that the series going forward will focus on protecting her. However, as the last battles have shown, Hashira can fall to upper demons, and I fear that we may lose many more before this is over.

As mentioned, I’m not dropping any spoilers. However, if you’re a fan, I know you’ll love this, and I don’t really need to hard-sell it. If you’re not yet a fan, what are you waiting for? Jump on Netflix and watch this amazing animation.

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