World War Armies matchingmaking needs work!

So I have been searching for months for a simple real time strategy type game that I could get into. Something fun, but that doesn’t require hours of playing to learn. Something that is in and out so to speak.

After a lot of searching I came I across World War Armies, it is the closest game I could find to War Commander: Rogue Assault which I thoroughly enjoyed playing on my mobile. I had invested some time on it, but somehow lost all my progress and work on it. After that I dropped the game. I was so upset about that.

World War Armies is a fun game, and though I don’t fully understand everything about strategy and what’s available to me, I can navigate it fairly well. I enjoy the game and have even invested a few dollars to try and enhance my experience.

Basically, you have to either capture a point with your troops and hold it until the enemy runs out of points, or destroy their base. Most games I’ve won and lost have been over the capture point. It is mostly fun and really cool to play this game.


When it comes to its matchmaking. I was recently playing against someone who has double my skill set on this game, and I didn’t know that until midway through when I checked to see why they were so much more equipped than I was. When it matches you with someone, you don’t have the option to opt out until after the game starts, and then it counts as a surrender damaging your standing.

I like to play on a small map I’m learning, but if my opponent doesn’t chose the same map, we could end up somewhere else. Before that happens, I’d like the option to back out of the game without being hit with a loss.

In addition to that, if the opponent is way higher than you on skill, I feel that I should have the option to back out at the welcome screen and not take a loss. But this is not the case, you are forced to start the match, and only then can you leave and you get a loss by doing that.

I’ve noticed that my high level opponents have access to weaponry that I cannot destroy so early in the match. So while I have soldiers, these people are rolling out with high level tanks that simply eat my squad and I am often left with no troops on the field and no resources to fight them off with. I’m basically just sitting there watching them shred me.

Basically the game is a spanking and who wants to sit through fifteen to 20 minutes of being slaughtered? There is nothing to gain, nothing to learn, nothing you can do but watch them destroy you. You can’t even chat or communicate with your opponent to try and gain some wisdom. But if you quit, boom, automatic loss.

I’d love it if you had the option to “Ask your opponent to play again.” This would allow us to have another great match with someone where the game could go either way. Now that’s fun. Mind you, the broken matchmaking has benefited me at times, where I am the highly developed opponent, and it is fun crushing someone, but really, what are you learning and why is that happening? It’s more fun when you are in there with a evenly matched and skilled opponent.

If I could get the money I’ve invested into this game back, I’d use it to buy or upgrade a game who’s which is slightly more developed and mature. I do enjoy this game, but the issues can be frustrating. If you need to talk to them, I would advise you to use the email. The social media channels are swamped and you will not get a reply. If I can’t get my money back, I hope that at a minimum, they resolved the issues with the keyboard. That’s the absolute worse!


  1. Thanks for the review! It’s great to hear that you found our game and gave it a try. We are trying our best at fine-tuning the matchmaking, but appreciate the additional constructive feedback. Next time you are having what feels as an unfair match – feel free to leave it (there is an option to leave during the battle).

    • Hi Boris,

      I was ranting and raging here. I feel bad for being so hostile in my review. Allow me to lay out my thoughts in a list of sorts, and I am thinking about editing this. It’s not who I am when I’m not raging about a game. LOL.

      1. I lose the keyboard often. I am working with your support team over email on that. I believe it was supposed to be fixed with the new update, but it is still broken. This really ruins your momentum in the game and puts you in a bad position.

      2. Matchmaking. I agree with what you said, and I often do back out to not waste my time on a futile experience. However, that counts as a loss and my rating is dropping. I had like a 900 guy come up against me, I’m new so I just quit. Boom, nation down 5 points. If we could exit as soon as we see an overpowered opponent, before the match so we don’t end up taking an L. That would be better. Or even say, “Do you accept this match” and you don’t even have to join it to quit it. I don’t know, just spitballing here.

      3. Map choices should be honored. So if we choose a map, only match us with someone who also chose that map. This would be nice.

      I’m not sure who I’ve been talking to on support, but someone is replying over email. I was ignored on social, but they explained that to me and how its flooded with spam. I get that.

      Thanks for reading and responding. That’s nice of you. I appreciate the “contructive feedback,” that was far from it. Although, you could say it is, but my wording is ass.

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