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Divorce In Our Culture

Recently, I was having a conversation with a friend of mine about divorce in our culture. Side note, she happens to be a divorce lawyer. She was explaining to me the types of cases that she has encountered in this field.

Without getting into any specifics, I think that in our culture, divorce is quite often the first option, rather than the last option.

Perhaps it is our desire for instant gratification? Maybe it is a personal thing where they were abused in the past, and they just ain’t having it? Perhaps they remained silent for a long time, and are finally fed up? Maybe they just fell prey to “the grass is greener” syndrome?

Whatever the case, more and more people in this and many societies are turning to divorce as the solution to marital problems. There was a time when people tried to make things work before giving up, not anymore.

I’m not going to say whether this is right or wrong, ultimately the decision lies with each you. Each scenario and situation will be different than the last. But perhaps we should try and remember “why” we married our wife, or husband? Perhaps we should examine whether throwing it all away is really the solution?

Look at those old pictures from when you started dating. Listen to “your” song while watching old videos. Reminisce about the old days for awhile. Maybe do it together? Get some marriage counseling and try to talk things out. Do all of those things that people normally do “after” they lose someone and are filled with regret. However, do it now, and see how you feel BEFORE you throw it all away.

That’s the best advice that I can give you folks at this time, on this topic. Good luck to you.

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