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Doonya Workout Review

Spring’s finally here, and if you are looking for something new to try in terms of fitness, you should give Doonya a try.

Doonya Reception

I came here on a whim with one of my coworkers. A few days ago as I walked by her desk, she was showing the Doonya website to another coworker. I was being my nosy self and asked them what they were looking at, “What’s that?” My colleague said that it was a Bollywood theme workout.

I have been looking for a Bollywood place to try out. So on a whim, I just went with her that same day, wearing my work jeans & exercising bare foot. In a way I feel like I had been tricked into going to work out with her. Though that’s not a bad thing is it?

Doonya Ad

The location and exercise studios are very clean and everyone was very nice. I took a class called Flow with Priya. The classes are sort of themed to Bollywood dancing, but it is more than that. I did the warm ups with the rest of the class, and then I did yoga and strengthening. The class was 1 hour and I was sweating profusely!

Doonya Studio 2

Since I signed up for a beginner’s package I decided to try the other classes. They are all pretty easy to follow along to, and it is a lot of fun getting both strength training and dancing. Who wouldn’t be happy working out with Bollywood music? With just 1 Doonya class you can burn anywhere between 600-900 calories.

After taking 3 classes I felt really good and energized. I had thyroid surgery 6 months ago and have since felt very tired and sluggish. I have not felt this energized for a long time, after these Doonya classes I feel much better.

Doonya studio 3

I’m not sure what kind of magic they have here, but these classes are a lot of fun and will work you until you sweat. Plus you get that added advantage of feeling energized, this is very important to me.

At this location they have changing rooms and serve ice water, the set up is very nice. They keep a very clean bathroom but they don’t have a shower, this may be an issue for some of you, but full disclosure right? I recommend you try this spot out if you are looking for a new way to sweat while having fun!

Doonya Studio

Let us know what you think if you try them out! Tell them Chris sent you via NYCTalking!

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Mariana L.
5 years ago

ah getting me motivated…

5 years ago

I have wanted to try Doonya for a while! This is the gentle push I needed plus the calorie burn, fun, and energy seals the deal!

Janice Person
5 years ago

I really like the idea of this… I love Bollywood dance numbers. Dhoom Machele is a personal favorite and the group participation should make it fun. May have to see if we have something like it in St. Louis!

Keisha R
5 years ago

WHY don’t we ever have this greatness in Baltimore? I’ll be in NYC in a few months and I’ll check this out. Love some Bollywood!

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