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ENT Michael Burnett, MD Review

As I’ve said before, during my initial bout with vertigo, I was extremely desperate to treat and figure out what was happening.

Dr. Burnett is based out of the city and not normally a place I’d visit as I’m so far in Queens. However, I needed to see someone and he was the only one available.

Most of the initial setup was done on Zocdoc and later over the phone as his admin is remotely working. She seemed to be on her game and got everything handled well from home.

The doctor himself is a fairly nice man and he seemed interested in helping me out. He looked at my ears, performed some maneuvers to try and see what was up, then wrote me a medical prescription that should have helped.

He didn’t believe that I was a candidate for the Epley maneuver, but it seems that I do have bppv vertigo and that might help me. I have a physical therapy appointment tomorrow to see what can be done.

Overall, I’d recommend this doctor, he seemed okay and caring enough.

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