Episode 97 – Marvel, Anxiety, 988, USAF, Monroe College email & Jackie Chan

  1. Marvel Entertainment Post-Thanos Arc: Marvel’s content post-Thanos arc seems to lack the compelling build-up and excitement that characterized the earlier phase. While the current movies and series are decent, they don’t quite capture the same level of engagement and anticipation that we experienced during the Thanos storyline.
  2. Personal Experiences with Anxiety: With the onset of the New Year, I’ve been grappling with anxiety, a challenging new journey for me. In navigating this, I’ve experimented with various medications to find what works best. I’d like to share my experiences and thoughts on this personal journey.
  3. Experience with Crisis Hotline: During a particularly tough period, before I had medication and was struggling with sleeplessness, I reached out to a crisis hotline for support. Unfortunately, my interaction with one of the hotline staff members was surprisingly unkind, which was disheartening, especially in such a vulnerable situation.
  4. Lack of Support for Air Force Reservists: As a reservist, the transition back to civilian life after boot camp brings to light a significant gap in support from the Air Force, particularly in areas like mental health. This lack of support raises questions about the benefits and recognition reservists receive, considering the sacrifices they are willing to make.
  5. Issue with Monroe College’s Email Policy: Despite graduating from Monroe College with high honors, I’ve encountered resistance from their IT department in issuing a professional email address. Their reasoning about maintenance challenges doesn’t align with my experience as an IT professional, where creating and managing email accounts is a straightforward task. This policy seems unreasonable, especially given the minimal resources required for such services.
  6. Jackie Chan’s Interaction with a Fan: As a long-time admirer of Jackie Chan, I was disappointed by our interaction as a fan, where he seemed dismissive and would not engage with me. While I remain a fan of his work, this incident has somewhat altered my view of him.

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