Rude Class Participants

I had someone take my class for the first time. I start class, and she interrupts me to complain about the music quality. We’ve never met, she doesn’t know me, but she sees fit to make our first interaction a not nice one. I pretended to adjust the knobs and gave her a thumbs up. LOL.

She is one of the most uncoordinated people I have ever seen and I couldn’t wait for her to leave, I knew she wouldn’t last long. Her energy was making it not fun for me so I hoped that she’d leave. As expected, she left about 3 songs in. She returned the following week, then once again left 3 songs in. Byeeeeee…

Clearly she doesn’t like my style. But I find it annoying when they don’t like you or something about you, and instead of just leaving, they try to ruin your good time and hurt your feelings. Never let them do that. Some people are just miserable and want to bring you down too.

One time this lady said, “You need to do better, your class is not fun.” I motioned out to the floor, there were like 80 people at this party in pink event, all there because they love my class. I was doing a 90 minute marathon by myself. As I motioned and shrugged, she looked at me, and I said, “thanks for the feedback, but they would disagree with you.” She gave me a dirty look, left and I never saw her again. Good riddance!

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