Failed anal sex attempt

Sometimes we try things sexually that don’t work. I have always told anyone who asked my opinion about sex, that as a sexual couple, you have to learn each other’s sex language. What works with one partner may not work with another, what one likes, another may not. You have to work together and figure it out.

This brings me back to my very early twenties and the first time I tried to engage in anal sex with a female I was in a long term relationship with. I can’t remember too much of it all, but I remember we were engage in vaginal sex, and somehow we decided to try anal. I didn’t know anything about lube, preparation, nothing. I just went for it with the moisture that we had. Of course, I couldn’t penetrate and experienced a fail in that department.

We decided to move on and went back to regular sex. What reminded me of this day was that I recall talking to her about it afterwords. We were trying to figure out what to do to make it easier to go in, and I asked her how she felt about the whole thing? She told me that it excited her and she wanted to try again. We were never successful in our attempts at anal sex, every time I was entering, she’d get scared and pull away. So we’d just move on and go back to regular sex. But despite our failures there, I’ve never forgotten, and I’ll never forget how she looked at me when she told me how much it excited her.

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